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So you found a great deal on an espresso or coffee machine at a live auction, Craigslist or eBay and you’re ready to lay down your hard earned cash.  The seller says it worked fine when they took it out of their restaurant a year ago but they haven’t tried using it since putting it in storage.  You pay for the machine, sometimes thousands of dollars, only to find out when you have it installed it leaks and is unrepairable.  What happened?  The machine wasn’t stored in a warm place and the tank was damaged when the water froze and expanded.  Or maybe the damage is limited to the water pressure gauge or external plumbing.  Getting it fixed is not going to be cheap and may not even be possible.

We see this happen over and over again.  You may think you will get a better deal from a private party but if you live in a cold area you have to make sure that the equipment hasn’t ever been left in an unheated area.  Even leaving the machine in the car overnight can render it useless.

Espresso machines have tanks that are very difficult if not impossible to completely drain the water from without special equipment.  Coffee brewers can be emptied but most people don’t know how to do it.  All parts for most espresso machines are readily available except for the tanks.  So when the tank on your espresso machine is damaged, the machine is toast.

Your best bet if you are going to buy a used machine from a private party is to ask them to test it in front of you.  You don’t want to find out weeks later that your dream machine is nothing more than a boat anchor.  Worse yet, you may not be able to contact the party you purchased it from to get your money back.

One of our customers bought a used machine from a restaurant that had gone out of business.  When the machine was being installed they found out the machine had freeze damage.  They got a hold of the person they purchased their espresso machine from they were told “no refund” because the previous owner had already spent the money.  They don’t have a lot of recourse since the machine was sold as is and was untested.

Your best bet is to find a seller who is able to hook up the machine and prove to you that it works or to buy from a company like ours that specializes in refurbished equipment and offer warranties so you don’t get stuck with a useless piece of junk.

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